Tuesday, July 24, 2007


A blog is basically an online journal. Blog stands for weblog. Most blogs can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. There is an option on blogs to make comments about someone’s post. Blogs are very unique because there are so many different aspects that a person can add to their blog. People may choose to put links to other websites, pictures, videos, surveys, profiles, or other items on their blog. Many people keep a blog to write about things that interest them. A blog can vary in many ways. People may write about their daily life, career, problems, trips, projects, tutorials, and many more. Blogging is a nice way to stay in touch with others without much effort.

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Social Networking: What Parents Need to Know

This is a public safety announcement to inform parents about social networking. Parents should be aware of what their child is doing on the computer. Monitoring the time spent on the computer and the websites their child is on are two very important items for parents too consider. If parents listen to this short video they could learn how to keep their child safe on the internet.

Wikis in Plain English

What is a Wiki? This video explains how to use a wiki to organize a camping trip. It defines a Wiki as a place to coordinate information with others. Anyone can edit and save changes to a Wiki website. “It is as easy as erasing a word and rewriting it” quoted this You Tube.