Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What you need to know about Social Networking

Social Networking is a tool on the Internet. This tool helps people meet new friends, stay in touch with friends, find people, etc. all online. Social networking is a new way of creating relationships with others. There are many different social networks for people to join. Every social network has a different purpose and appeals to a certain audience. Many of these sites are free and fun to use.

Staying safe online is extremely important, but it is hard to do sometimes. Social networking does have the potential to become unsafe. There are many steps to take to keep yourself protected online. Keeping your personal websites private is one way of doing this. Sometimes it is more fun to social network with people and friends you already know. Please make sure you do not share too much personal information with a stranger. Remember, what you learned in elementary school, “Don’t talk to strangers!” This also applies to Internet users.

Picture found at http://Social Network Analysis, A Brief Introduction/.

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Social Networking: What Parents Need to Know

This is a public safety announcement to inform parents about social networking. Parents should be aware of what their child is doing on the computer. Monitoring the time spent on the computer and the websites their child is on are two very important items for parents too consider. If parents listen to this short video they could learn how to keep their child safe on the internet.

Wikis in Plain English

What is a Wiki? This video explains how to use a wiki to organize a camping trip. It defines a Wiki as a place to coordinate information with others. Anyone can edit and save changes to a Wiki website. “It is as easy as erasing a word and rewriting it” quoted this You Tube.