Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Wikis are web pages that can be created or edited by anyone just by the click of a button. When a wiki is created it is often used by a group, not just an individual. On a wiki there is a button to "edit" the page and then "save" the changes. Many scientist and engineers use wikis.

There are some downsides to wikis. Sometimes the information on a wiki may be incorrect. Since everyone has access to most wikis, anyone can add information. The information found on wikis may not be accurate or have creditable resources. If you use information you find on a wiki, it is important that you double check that information at various sites.

I created my wiki at

Within my Wiki I discuss the different types of Web 2.0 technologies. Please edit and add to my Wiki.

Sites to create a free Wiki

Resources for Wikis
http://What is Wiki?/
http://7 things you should know about… Wikis/

Picture found at http://Wikis/


David Marcovitz said...

How can we edit and add to your Wiki? You have it protected. Please let us know what steps we would need to take to edit.

Jhonna said...

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I believe my wiki is open for anyone to edit.

Social Networking: What Parents Need to Know

This is a public safety announcement to inform parents about social networking. Parents should be aware of what their child is doing on the computer. Monitoring the time spent on the computer and the websites their child is on are two very important items for parents too consider. If parents listen to this short video they could learn how to keep their child safe on the internet.

Wikis in Plain English

What is a Wiki? This video explains how to use a wiki to organize a camping trip. It defines a Wiki as a place to coordinate information with others. Anyone can edit and save changes to a Wiki website. “It is as easy as erasing a word and rewriting it” quoted this You Tube.